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Welcome to settlementagreements.coma dedicated website from specialist employment law solicitors, Landau Law, offering you legal advice on your Settlement Agreement from your employer.

Philip Landau, and the employment team will advise you wherever you are in the UK. Landau Law only acts for employees and senior executives and has a national reputation, having acted for over 15,000 employees in relation to their settlements. We are based in the heart of London, but act equally act for employees in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and other UK locations.

We offer a free initial consultation and a costs guarantee.

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If your employer has given you (or about to give you) a settlement agreement then click here to contact us or call 020 7100 5256 and ask for Philip Landau. We do not need to see you as long as you are accessible by email and phone.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

A Settlement Agreement (previously known as a “compromise agreement”) is a legally binding agreement following the termination of your employment. It usually provides for a severance payment together with other benefits to be paid by your employer, in return for which you agree not to make any claim to an employment tribunal. Once signed and certified by an independent solicitor, a settlement agreement becomes binding as if it were made by an employment tribunal itself. The settlement agreement will deal with many terms. Click here for the usual terms  that you will find in a typical agreement.

About Us

Philip Landau  and the team at Landau Law are highly experienced employment lawyers, specialising only in this area, and advising only employees and senior executives. We have a national reputation, and have acted for over 15,000 employees in all industry sectors both in the City and throughout the UK. We also have a very high success rate in negotiating enhanced settlements for employees, and will give you candid advice on what may be achievable.

Philip writes regularly as the employment law expert for The Guardian and has appeared on BBC TV, Sky news, ITV and national and local radio many times as an expert. He has also been quoted by many employment related bodies such as ACAS. There will usually be no cost to you as your employer will pay the legal fees for engaging a lawyer to review your agreement.

Philip Landau - Employment Lawyer

Philip Landau – Employment Lawyer

If your employer has given you (or about to give you) a settlement agreement then click here now to contact us by e-mail or simply call 020 7100 5256 and ask for Philip Landau or any member of the employment law team.





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