Blogs on Settlement Agreements

Get ready for an early exit if you are underperforming at work, as “settlement agreements” are about to take centre stage. Employment lawyer Philip Landau looks ahead at the practical implications.

You may be familiar with the term “compromise agreement”. This is a termination document which you are often asked to sign when you leave employment to ensure that you cannot make any claim against your employer. Later this year, the document will be renamed “settlement agreement” and is being introduced by a new law, which is part of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill presently going through Parliament. But that’s not all. Read more..

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Disciplinary sackings in the City are on the increase. But what are your rights, and why could a settlement agreement be your best route?

Employment lawyer Philip Landau from Landau Law Solicitors, looks at the position:

Disciplinary cases resulting in dismissals or suspensions have hit a 5 year high, after a crackdown on misbehaviour in the UK financial services sector. These recent statistics were obtained from law firm Pinsent Masons following a Freedom of Information Actrequest to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The figures show that a total of 1,373 employees were either sacked or suspended in the City of London last year. This is a 76% increase from 2011. Read more..

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Do the new employment law reforms represent a further erosion of worker’s rights?

On Friday 20th September, Vince Cable set out the coalition’s vision for employment law reform. And it wasn’t too pretty for employees. The headline news that worried most is that the maximum statutory unfair dismissal compensation of £72,300 is to be cut with a replacement that is the lower of either an individual’s annual net salary or the national median average earnings. Read more..

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