If you have been offered a settlement agreement, you may have been made redundant. But what does redundancy mean, what are the processes and entitlements, and how do you know if it’s fair?

By employment lawyer, Philip Landau

What does a redundancy mean?

You are redundant if you are dismissed because the need for the particular work that you carry out either at your place of work or in the business as a whole has ceased or diminish, or is expected to cease or diminish. This includes where the business or the actual place where you work is closing down.

When might a redundancy be unfair?

The most usual reasons for an unfair redundancy is where  your role is not genuinely redundant, or your employer does not follow a fair process  in making  you redundant. In these circumstances,  you may be able to make  a claim for unfair dismissal or  discrimination. Read more..

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