What happens next?

Once you get in contact, we will speak to you and provide a free initial consultation.

If you wish to take matters further, we will need to send you an employment law questionnaire and ask you to complete and return this. We also need to see a copy of your settlement agreement if you have it at this stage. If you do not, we can always obtain a copy from your employer direct. We are aware that there are often deadlines set to return the signed agreement and we are used to working within those deadlines- or obtaining an extension where necessary.

Where additional papers are relevant, such as your contract of employment or email exchanges with your employer, these should also be sent.

Communication will be by phone, email or in person. In the majority of cases, we don’t see our clients in person as it is not necessary, but we are always happy to do so.

We can advise you wherever you are in the UK. We do not need to see you. Click here to contact us or call 020 7100 5256 and ask for Philip Landau.