No win- no fee

As specialist UK employment law solicitors with a national reputation, we have acted for clients on a no win- no fee basis for many years. We appreciate that when you are facing a situation where your employment is coming to an end, a no win-no fee form of funding is an attractive option and indeed, is  frequently requested.

How it essentially works is that payment of fees is expressed to be a percentage of the amount that we mange to recover from your employer, either by way of negotiation or otherwise. If you already have an offer of settlement from your employer, then the percentage will only attach to the additional sum recovered- not on the amount that your employer has already offered you.

This does mean that we will need to assess the merits of your case for us to be in a position to decide whether we can act on a no win- no fee basis. Some cases will not be suitable for this form of funding- either because the offer you already have from your employer is a good one, or because the risks are too high. That having been said, we have still accepted many no win- no fee cases where matters fall into this category with successful results.

Overall, our success rates on achieving favourable results for clients, whether on a no win- no fee basis or otherwise are very high. Our lawyers have collectively been operating solely in the field of employment law and acting for employees and senior executives, for over 17 years. We can identity the strengths and weaknesses of your case very quickly and we will be candid in our advice to you.

If we are not able to offer no wi- no fee, we will discuss alternative methods of funding, which will be as flexible as possible to assist you at this difficult time.

We are regularly called upon as expert solicitors on employment law for radio, television, national newspapers, financial and legal websites, and conferences. In addition, Philip Landau writes for The Guardian as their employment law expert.


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